August 2001


Newmusic. 16 tracks playing time 68.45. A five piece band from Germany including our own Dick Heckstall-Smith. Heavy guitar laden Blues from the off with "Trouble Man" (co-written by Pete Brown as are 10 of the tracks here). This band are backing Mike Harrison, ex-Spooky Tooth - on his new album that Pete reports will be quite bluesy, what a great voice Mike has, we look forward to that one.

This is great stuff, solid rhythm, good guitar tone with original feel and no fear of German accents tainting the lyrics, this is a very good band giving a good account of themselves. "Hypnotized” races along with 'potted' vocals, sneaky wah-wah, half spoken lyrics, thick chords, some speed guitar - whew, bring the house down stuff! "Want You To Know" slows proceedings down and is a fine song, more deliberate with gruff vocal. "Tender Touch" has neat drum intro, harmony guitars, the background BoDiddleys along. "0n My Way Home" is followed by "Tryin' As Hard As I Can" carries the lyric "I'm out of pocket and out of time..." (we liked that). Say hello Dick H-S on "Somewhere. Somehow, Sometime" sassy sax laid over guitar line similar to Crossroads ... ... more sax over guitar chords and wah-wah on "Moonstruck", "Ghost Dance” ends the album with electronic intro, drum, organ swell, guitar chords, wind efect, sex trudging forward, alI harmonising with added bongos and echoing sax solo creating an ethereal quality  ….a gentler ending to the album than we expected... but what an album, well worth your attention....... 'Caleb' / June - August 2001